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(12-02-2019, 07:03 AM)Oasisdave Wrote:
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I love the scent on this one but the last couple of times I've used it the performance seemed lacking and I always have had an issue getting a good think lather, have any suggestions on lathering?

I am almost embarrassed to say I currently own 112 soaps and creams.  So, It takes a while to complete a total rotation.  I own 5 Tabula Rasa soaps; with backups on some.  The one above is a few years old and I have not noticed any change in it.  I started face lathering again and I got a great face full of lather.  I believe more water is the way to go with this soap.  I soak my brush in distilled water squeeze some of the water out and wet my face with the same water.  A while back I watched a YouTube video of an interview with  Will Carius from Barrister & Mann and in that video he indicated that some of his soaps require more water to produce a great lather and he had said "like Tabula Rasa".  Check the video out.  Go to YouTube and type in, "An Interview With Will Carius from Barrister and Mann".  I have seen some some replies on this blog of people who have complained about the performance of older soaps.  I have not experienced that myself.  And, "Vintage Shaver" has many vintage soaps.  See what he thinks about older soaps.

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New soap to the herd in Declaration Grooming/Chatillon Lux Santal Auster.  You know I'm a sandalwood whore so this one sounded great and wow was I correct.  Smells very woody like what swinging an axe into a sandalwood tree must smell like.  (Probably not really anything like that) I sure do like this scent.  Loading and lathering were easy.  Water window was easy to find.  Scent strength is 8/10 so it's bold.  I let the shave just linger post shave to see what the finish was like and found it surprisingly tight, but also as you regular readers will know, that is never a deal breaker for me.  I slapped on some toner in the same scent and all was right with the world.  Really like this scent and soap.
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