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Hendrix Classics and Co. Classic Barbershop

So glad i saw tidepool's post and jumped on this.

It's a nice, mild smell. It's been likened to Mike's Barbershop, but I have never smelled that. There is a waxy scent off the puck (which may not be wax at all, but one of the ingredients... I really am an amateur). It blends in well when lathered and the scent is divine. It is not cologne smelling, which is what worried me.

The lather nearly made itself. It was nice and slick and held well, without too much dissapation or drying. Post shave was pretty good, with my face not suffering from any noticeable dryness. Maybe not the best, but certainly above average.

Now I have to try Mike's for a comparison. [Image: d8420a7dec7829d9ade978f624fa3ab3.jpg]

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Its not every day I'm this surprised by a soap. Today's shave was a tub of PAA Aqua DG in the Crown King 6 (ck6) base. HO LEE MO LEE! This is a great soap base. I am totally unimpressed with all the donkey milk, spermaceti oil, bacon grease, formulas out there and have found that almost none of them is the equal to a little ol discontinued soap made by Valobra and marketed by Art of Shaving. Well folks, I may have found one that really impresses. I like the scent of Acqua di Gio and this is apretty fair dupe but to me the aquatic scents seem to be too young. I like darker notes and deeper scents and projection and sillage. (Did I mention I am LOADED with testosterone and am the alpha male in my neighborhood?). That said I own some aquas and Acqua di Gio is in the stable. This is not a frag review though, this is all about the soap. The soap is semi-hard and easy to load. It's not particularly thirsty. It's quick to lather and easy to get right. There are slicker but this one is plenty slick. Slickness builds with subsequent passes. Final rinse reveals loads of slickitude but it rinses away easily. A few days ago I reported the best post-shave ever with Murphy and McNeils Ouroboros, and man does it shine in that regard but gents there is a new sheriff in town. This ck6 base is even a bit better. The lather is dense and creamy. All I can say is that PAA stated mission to "debunk the tallow is superior" myth seems to have been completed. I ama dedicated tallow fanand this hangs with all, and exceeds most top-end tallows I own. WOW!

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Eufros/Jabonman Fougère shaving soap (sample). It made good but not great lather, and the fragrance had sort of a metallic tone, similar to modern Penhaligon's English Fern aftershave.
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