I returned the razor to Mohammad and will attempt to summarize my thoughts.

Bottom line - I will purchase this razor with zero regrets and a huge amount of excitement. I will be really looking forward to this one in titanium. My experience with Ti is fairly limited but over I find the glide and face feel to be far superior than stainless. IME the lighter weight compared to stainless can be both a blessing and a curse. I am not a fan of the Ti2 compared to the 17-4. I think the lighter weight did a disservice to the razor for me, my beard and skin. The 17-4 is the better performer. But this prototypes performance in aluminum has me very excited for a slightly heavier version in Ti.

Pros - amazing shaver. Efficient performance while retaining extreme comfort. A true paradigm like performance for those that have experience with the brand. ATG pass is effortless. Design and blade loading are impressive and simple. Couldn’t cut myself if I tried. Just enough blade feel to guide shaving angle.

Cons - head angle combined with handle angle was not an intuitive experience for me. Took some time to get the shaving angle down. Loading mechanism adds some size to the head from front to back. Some may find it difficult to shave under the nose with the angle that is required to cut hair with The head isn’t tall like a timeless, but it’s the width that may cause some to find some difficulty. This is one of the few razors that I had to hold my nose to one side to shave there.

Can’t wait to see this baby for sale. I will buy it and not feel one ounce of guilt. It gave me one of the best shaves of my life and am eagerly awaiting the chance for more. Excellent job by Andy at paradigm!

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