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(02-08-2017, 05:45 PM)Freddy Wrote: Just as a warning, I opened an Astra Superior Stainless blade ( the one in the blue box, not the one in green) this morning.  It has been well over a year since I last used one and I forgot how bad the glue (wax) spots are on this blade.  It is so bad that it will probably be more than a year before I ever use one again.

It isn't only prying the blade away from the wrapper (and prying, in this case, is accurate) but the mess it makes on the inside of the head and baseplate of the razor that makes me send out ths warning.

One to add to the list of blades without glue spots is the Brazilian produced Gillette Platinum-Plus.  Besides not having the glue spots, I find them excellent blades in just about all of my DE razors.

Just a follow-up on how bad the glue dots are on the Astra Superior Stainless [blue] blades.  I used the blade for the third time this morning, in a 1966 blue Lady Gillette razor.  When I was done, I twisted the knob to open the butterfly doors and it twisted only partially.  With a very slight bit of force the doors suddenly flew open and bounced back and forth once on their hinges.  It was the residual glue (wax, actually) on the blade that had adhered itself to the underside of the head of the razor, three shaves out and having removed the blade after each shave, cleaning each razor, which I always do right after I shave, and rinsing the blade each time!  That's just ridiculous and proves to me the lack of necessity for these "holders", "stabilizers", or whatever one wants to call them.

Ironically, the combination of this razor and blade gave me an excellent shave but the severity of the glue dot problem holds me back from using these blades on a more regular basis.

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The Rapira Platinum Lux that I used this morning has no glue/wax dots.
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