Central Maine
(06-08-2020, 07:15 PM)trashcanmagic Wrote:
(06-04-2020, 06:45 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: One range found a way around our governors plandemic edicts, so my chosen sport started there during May. Now there can be 50 people on a range and out in the UV and warm air, both of which are almost instant death to C19. So both ranges I participate at are now running matches.

Last weekend I shot 4th over all, and took 1st place in my division. Not too bad for an old fart out participating for the first time this season.

way to respect the 70,000 Americans who have died to COVID-19 & all of the hard epidemiological work on transmission.

We're open and over it! We have been for quite some time! A month? Yeah, something like that.

Too funny! Do you not understand that just because you live somewhere still under the threat that not everyone does? Or should I live in fear because you do even though where I live the general population is pretty much not at risk and never was? Myself (and my wife) not at all at risk of contracting it again or transmitting it to others (since I'm immune now)? There's no way that my wife dodged it, but clearly she was asymptomatic. I contracted it at a hospital, there's no other place I went where I would have gotten it and I can probably pinpoint the person who gave it to me. But back then we didn't even know what to call it and my infection hasn't been and never will be recorded.

We're open and over it! Or do you think this is going to go on forever, everywhere?

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Let’s keep the posts civil. If people are compliant with their local restrictions, or lack thereof then let’s allow them to enjoy their freedom.  It’s the goal we’re all working towards.

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(06-09-2020, 01:18 AM)Marko Wrote: Let’s keep the posts civil. If people are compliant with their local restrictions, or lack thereof then let’s allow them to enjoy their freedom.  It’s the goal we’re all working towards.

he literally said his club circumvented the restrictions or even worse his club got some sort of exemption so they could... not add anything to society that's for sure.

besides I meant what I said. "plandemic"? where is the civility in pissing on the graves of those who died?

then he has the audacity to suggest I live in fear or something when the reason I have to follow the rules is because the virus is 10x as likely to kill a boomer like him. someone needs to call him out for being a clown.

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Enough, gentlemen. If this line of chat continues then the thread will be closed, at least temporarily. Times are hard enough right now, on several levels, so lets not add fuel to the fire.

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Central Maine
2 more matches each day this past weekend; the one on Saturday had a larger than normal attendance. Another one definitely scheduled for Friday night, maybe one for Thursday night too. All of them are sanctioned and count toward our individual national ranking.

It's been a long time and people are making up for it.
Went surfing again so nice to be out and about
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My daughter likes to hang out with me in the shed while I work on projects, and she was using a rickety old stool that we had. I thought about fixing that one up, but instead put together this stool - made from a 2x4. Smile

It cost about $4 and took a few hours of work. She likes it....so I'll call that a success.

[Image: 819ccfdc3040af7f3c8bb070eb2f0159626472d9_2_375x500.jpeg]

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- Yohann

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Lovely stool, Yohann.  Happy2

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(07-27-2020, 04:23 AM)celestino Wrote: Lovely stool, Yohann.  Happy2

Thanks, Celestino.

How are you doing? I now live even closer to you (Blaine), but I may as well be on the other side of the country, since the borders are closed.
- Yohann

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We are all well, Yohann and it seems like you and your family are as well.
You seem to be moving closer and closer to Canada. Soon enough, you might end up crossing the border. Smile
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