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Hello everyone,

Hope you're all well. I've been on a shaving hiatus for a few days. I come home from being on the ambulance for 5 days and found my CRSW Vetiver Moderne and my 5 packs of GSBs and Polsilvers.

I had a 5 day beard going on about to drive me insane, and I had some new products to try. Nothing could've stopped me at this point.

Long story short, GSBs are probably my new favorite blade. Almost like the second shave with a feather and way smoother. Best shave yet.

When I try the Polsilvers I will let you know how they are, but it may be a while. Loving the GSBs.

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Chicago, IL
GSB's, then Feather and Astra for me. I don't know if GSB's are the perfect blade, but they give me a great balance of sharp and smooth.

I've probably tried 25+ blades, I also like Kai and Perma-Sharp.

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I second the GSB experience. They are the top performers in nearly every razor I own.

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GSBs are my blade of choice in the ikon OSS. Give the Gillette Stainless blades a try, I think they're comparable to the silver blues.Mark
Out of all blade and razors combos I have tried, the GSB's seem to be the best performing blade in almost of all my DE's. A great baseline blade for me to test out a new head or DE. The PolSilvers are great as well, just a bit more pricey in comparison. Enjoy the shave.

Austin, TX
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(11-16-2015, 06:35 PM)Marko Wrote: GSBs are my blade of choice in the ikon OSS. Give the Gillette Stainless blades a try, I think they're comparable to the silver blues.Mark

I agree with Mark- I like the GSB's but give the nod to the SS red pack by a nudge.

Regardless, happy that you found something that works!

GSB's and Polsilvers are both great blades and are my two favorites depending on the razor im using them in. Cant go wrong with either!
Bob from Virginia
I'm down to using only two blades. Feathers on my slants and GSB on everything else. GSBs are great blades!

Lisbon, Portugal
I really like the Gillette Silver Blue blades. On my top 3, for sure. Smile
It is a great blade for sure, as all are the Gillette 7 O'clock blades Made in Russia. I do not find the Gillette 7 O'clock Made in India blades as smooth however. YMMV. The only modern blades I rank higher are the Gillette Platinum (as currently made in Russia) and the Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus. I wax & wane between these two as the best.

As a note, the 'sleepers' of the entire Gillette 7 O'clock line are the Made in Russia Super Stainless (green box) & the red/black Made In Russia Stainless. The Made in Russia Sputnik is no slouch either, and a little better than the oft touted Astra SP.

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