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Hi all! I am very lucky to own a Wolfman W2 with a 1.25 blade gap solid bar and it’s awesome! It’s perfect for me. I have the opportunity to get a WR1 and I need help with comparing to my WR2 1.25. I was considering originally .74 solid bar, but now possibly bumping it up to the .86 solid bar. Anyone have advice or feedback on a similar experience compared to the WR2 1.25? I don’t mind aggressive razors, just don’t like a whole lot of blade feel. Thanks in advice!
I have both Wolfmans you mention. My first purchase was A WR2 dual comb, 1.25 solid bar and 1.15 open comb. Like you mention, the 1.25 blade gap on the WR2 is the sweet spot for me, I get smooth close, irritation free shaves from it. My second Wolfman purchase was a WR1, but I wanted the equivalent performance of the WR2. So I opted for a WR1 dual comb, 0.86 solid bar and 0.80 open comb.

Although, as not as smooth as the WR2, I’ll be honest and say that I actually prefer my WR1 to my WR2. I prefer the head profile and the increased blade feel of the WR1. I get great shaves from the WR1 too.

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Living on the edge
0.86 will be fine.

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Thanks for the great details so far
What gap is the famous BBS razor. I was luck a friend lent me the razor to shave with. I found that about the right gap for a super comfortable shave.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
I believe the BBS-1 is a 1.0 blade gap

The WR2 is closely based on that razor

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To me, the 0.86 has quite a bit more blade feel than the 1.25 WR2. The 0.74 is going to have less blade feel, but also a bit less efficiency, I'd say the 0.80 is closest. I prefer the WR1 head as well, more responsive and nimble.

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From my personal experience having the Wr2 1.25 Sb,  and having tried the .86Oc and currently have .80 Dc.

.80 Dc to me has similar blade feel like the 1.25 while being a little less efficient, results are BBS with Both, comfort level about the same.

.86Oc had significant blade feel, much more.., comparable to my 1.45 Sb, or Blackbird Sb. The .86 had about the same efficiency as 1.25, but less than Blackbird or 1.45 Sb.

So the question is, do you prefer less blade feel (like 1.25) then the choice would be .80 imo
On the other hand, if you prefer the efficiency of the 1.25 then the choice would be .86 imo

Just speaking from personal experience, and as always YMMV. I know how it feels like, big decision to make, but like you -I wanted Wr1 that simulated Wr2 1.25 and I believe the .80 just fits me and I’m really happy I went for Dual Comb. Thanks ExtraProtein for talking me into the Dc. Best, Calm_Shaver.  GL in your Quest

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I have a WR1 DC .74 and a .86 OC. Also WR2 1.25/1.15 SB/OC DC ... and a 1.25 OC. 

I do think the WR1 .80 is probably the sweet spot, though I've never had one. Just going by what the above feel like.

The .74 is great though.

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Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming! Your experiences definitely help. I own a blackbird and I think it’s a great razor but does have a tad bit more blade feel then preferred, but not by much.

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