Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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Wonderful Penhaligon's Lords shaving cream (vintage)
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Los Angeles
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Sandwich Islands
Midnight Stag t. (Chiseled Face) ★★★☆☆ old work gloves

This is a hyper-masculine leather scent soaked in grease, sawdust, gasoline, and old hot tires. Your wife won't like it. After four tries, I'm not sure I like it. These are odors I try to scrub off in the shower. I can't see why I'd want to smear them all over my face. Apart from the scent, the soap is a pleasure to shave with. It gobbles down water and gives up a lasting lather, but for me that smell is just a prelude to a migraine.
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I tried Sienna Shave Soap today

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Stirling Soap in Stirling Spice scent. This soap loves water and for me performs better when loading with a wet brush. Copious lather. Low, creamy structure and easy to get that shine that signifies slickness. Scent is a dupe of Old Spice, or should I say a nod to Old Spice. It doesn't smell much like Old Spice to me but it certainly is in that family. The scent is wonderful and plentiful (8/10) by the way. The other day I read someone opine that Stirling was a "good middle of the road" soap. To me, Stirling is a top performer and if I was forced to only use Stirling I would not feel hindered in the least. sure, donkey milk, duck fat, and a litany of other flavor-of-the-day ingredients work well in a soap but it has been a really long time since I've seen a new soap that blew the competition out of the water. What I generally see is the price ever-increasing on new offerings and no discernible improvements compared to old standbys. Stirling is a very solid soap base and with as many flavors as they offer anyone can find a few they enjoy.
Lippripper u da mahn. Agree 100 percent on Stirling. Super slick and easy to lather. I hit it with a wet synthetic and i could shave Rosanne Barrs entire body. Not sure i would use one of my good razors on her though.

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New York
Siliski's Santa's Pipe and Ogallala Bay Vanilla Mix.

Been a little while since my last shave with this soap. Spicy, vanilla, sweet, with a good helping of tobacco. Mmmmm.

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