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No problem. I used wet sand paper starting from 600 then increasing up to 2000. I used a wooden block to make sure the sanding is even. Sand until the surface is flat, getting rid of the typical roughness that comes with the sand blasting. Wash the razor thoroughly before going up in grit. Then use a Dremel with stitched cloth polishing wheels and Autosol first, then Menzerna P175 to get a mirror finish. Be very careful to avoid touching the razor with the rotating mandrel, if you do, it will get scratched and you’ll have to start again. I also tried Autosol paste, which is very good for stainless but found that it leaves lots of fine marks on the titanium. The menzerna is perfect, it leaves no discernible marks, proper mirror finish.

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(12-24-2018, 05:01 AM)carbold Wrote: I just gave it a quick polish, with very fine polishing paste, and didn’t use any sand paper on it. Same for the underside of the top cap

I know I'm being a pain haha. If you remember, would you be able to list the products and steps you used to polish the titanium? I know titanium is much harder to polish than SS so I just want to know I'm doing it right if I end up doing it myself. I think others are curious as well. Thanks!


Mike its in this thread. Page 3 or something. Also you can have a look at the sandpaper in Amazon. I'd imagine the polishing pads would work as well. Theyre small pads that start at 1300 grit and work up. Very fine stuff. You can also get pads that go from 1300 and down. I use them a lot for polishing nibs on fountain pens. Polishing pads are available at a lot of wood working stores and of course though Amazon.

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