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People often mention how other forums ban members for no given reason and how much they dislike threads being closed from further discussion.  The moderator team here at DFS completely agrees with those ideals.  It is why we have four simple rules as we figure the fewer rules the easier it is for all members to adhere to them.  The rules are all built around keeping comments / threads on our forum constructive.  One would hope that people could follow these simple rules, and yet the last few weeks have put a major strain on what is deemed acceptable.

The past few weeks have seen thread after thread derail into name calling and attacks on what others enjoy, or feel is "OK" for them.  Wolfman and PAA are two such topics which constantly devolve into threads which the moderators have to attempt to get back on course and if we cannot we end up closing them.  The moderators are not closing threads because we enjoy it, we are doing it to try to keep decorum on the forum.  Phrases being said between the mods about recent activity include "exhausting" and "not sure if it is worth it".  Despite one of our members stating in a post that he likes the "lawless" nature of DFS, we are not at all lawless.  The mod team has been attempting to keep things on track, but some members just feel compelled to stir up the pot.  

This very issue was addressed in March at this link:  https://damnfineshave.com/thread-sticky-...lease-read  and I am going to once again reiterate our four rules:
  • No discussion of religion, politics, or weapons.  Period.

  • No cursing or vulgar language.  Period.  Replacing one of the letters in a word with a symbol does not count.

  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated.  Period.

  • Be respectful of all other members at all times.  Period.

These rules should be very simple to remember, but numbers 3 and 4 seem to now be ignored by some members.  While we want free and open discussion here, we fully expect members to follow these four simple rules.  Going forward we are going to start enforcing these rules more strictly to keep things free of drama.  If people break any of these rules, members are encouraged to "report" the post (the report button is at the bottom right of every post).  Members who cannot keep personal attacks off the board or who choose to not be respectful of their fellow members will receive a warning from a moderator and those who continuously do so will receive a one week ban from the site.

We don't unapprove posts for unwritten rules, we won't ban people without giving them warnings and a reason, we are above doing so.  People are free to say discouraging things (in a proper manner) about any vendor / artisan as long as it is not in their merchant thread.  There is no loyalty here to certain merchants or displeasure with others.  

I will be honest here, none of the mods here at DFS are happy we are having to take these actions, but sadly this is the end result of a few people not following the most basic of rules.  We don't like closing threads any more than you like having them closed, we are most certainly opposed to the notion of banning members; so we are hoping that this one last attempt at bringing back basic manners so as to keep our forums as open and free as they can be.

This thread is not open for discussion as our rules are elementary school simple, and they are not changing.  Please follow these rules to help keep DFS a great place for free and open discussion of all things, except of course those three topics in rule #1.  If anyone takes issue with the rules, please feel free to contact one of the moderators via PM.

The moderator team at DFS. ( andrewjs18, wingdo, Freddy, Matsilainen )

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