Forum Announcement: Site Rules

Philadelphia, PA
Here are a few forum rules that we hope will be simple enough to keep the forum environment relaxed but still have some structure in place.

1: Please keep the discussion of religion, politics and weapons for other sites. Those topics can get very heated and we'd prefer to keep this forum a harmonious place for all users.

2: No cursing or vulgar language. This forum seeks to be a friendly place for all.

3: Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you're found to be personally attacking other users, you may be warned and/or banned from the site.

4: Be respectful. This forum will serve all types of people including the very experienced, those that are new to the craft of wet shaving and people looking to make a move from their current methods of shaving.

5: You need 10 posts AND be registered on the site for 14 days before you're able to use the bst section and send private messages.

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*Forum Rules may be edited or updated as the moderation team sees fit*


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