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As has been mentioned in our site introduction post, DFS was formed as a different concept in a shave forum.  The site was not formed, nor is it run to make money, also our site has zero “skin in the game” meaning we are not in any way tied in or affiliated with any artisans or vendors.  We set out to create a site where free thought and expressions are not only allowed, but encouraged.

We also set out from the beginning to have the least amount of forum rules necessary to maintain the forum as a place where everyone can come and express themselves and their thoughts on topics without any fear of attacks from other members.  As such, DFS has exactly FOUR (4) rules.  That’s it, just four short and simple rules (plus 4 rules in our BST section).  Take a moment to compare that to other sites.  Four forum wide rules.  No more, no less.  With having such a minimal amount of rules we expect every member to be able to remember and follow these simple rules.  

I am writing this reminder as over the last 2 weeks, we’ve had to close at least 2 threads of which I am aware, plus remove a member’s introductory thread for violation of one of the FOUR rules.  The idea that someone cannot follow four simple rules is mind boggling.  This post is a reminder to all members that we have rules here, and failure to follow them can result in warnings and / or a temporary or if need be a permanent ban.  

For those who have never read our rules, or have somehow forgotten them, the link is here SITE RULES but I will summarize them.
  • No discussion of religion, politics, or weapons.  Period.

  • No cursing or vulgar language.  Period.  Replacing one of the letters in a word with a symbol does not count.

  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated.  Period.

  • Be respectful of all other members at all times.  Period.

That’s it, that is all we as moderators ask of membership.  

Thanks for reading this, and hopefully we can get back to talking about wet shaving without the need for posts and threads to be moderated.

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Toronto, Ont. Canada
The rules are excellent, easy to obey and very fair.

Thank you,

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T_a_k Y_u!!!

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
Well said Mickey Oberman!

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San Francisco
Thank you for the clarity and the reminder!

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David : DE shaving since Nov 2014. Nowadays giving in to the single-edge siren call.


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- Jeff

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I enjoy and favor rules, I guess is the old military in me, specially when they are fairly enforced. Good deal!

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Posting Freak
Thanks for the reminder, Doug and I hope you are well. Smile

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Restitutor Orbis
Just be decent Gents that's it. Right on wingdo.

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