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Stirling has a line of shampoo bars now that are pretty good. Recently added a few new scents to the original three. My favorites are Baker Street and Bergamot Lavender.
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I’ve been using the WSP tea tree shampoo bar for a little bit now and I like it. I won’t go back to liquid shampoo.

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I’ve been using Mike’s shampoo bar for 3 to 4 years now. Really enjoy his shampoo bar.
I used Mike's bars for about a year before I switched to Mystic Waters. The bars from MW are a bit small though so despite the great performance the cost was higher because they only lasted about a month.
I tried the shampoo bars from Stirling but they were a bit drying on my skin.
I'm now using bars from Chagrin Valley, and while they're more expensive than most, the bars are massive in size and last a LONG time. I'm a daily washer and I've been using the same bar for two months and it's not even halfway through yet. The CV shampoo bars are the best I've used yet.
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