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I would caution people about overpaying for resold Wolfmans at this point. I firmly believe prices are going to come down within the next 6 months, maybe a year.


First, with shorter term waiting lists at the producer, folks will have more immediate chances to buy one of their own. So they will be less willing to pay for a resold one.

Second, the producer seems to be making them faster and is clearly trying to make them faster. More available means lower prices.

Third, while still in demand, the novelty will continue to decline over time and as other razors become the new kid in the block.

Fourth, for all the reasons in 1 to 3, those people owning them but not loving them will realize that resale prices have peaked and it is time to unload. Already seeing some of that I believe, though still at high premium asking prices.

I think a little patience here could save you quite a bit in your quest to try a Wolfman.

Just my 2 cents. Food for thought.

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Another Wolfman thread? Seriously? This dog has been beaten enough just this last week alone. Although noble, you can't tell people how to spend their money and frankly is none of your business how much a seller wants to ask for.

Not only that, but your assessment without factual information from James himself, it is just speculation, and we don't need more of that. I know they have been Monday quarterbacking for him elsewhere, but come on! Dodgy

This is almost a shameless plug thread Mad Big Grin

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Uh, I'm not telling anyone how to spend their money. And I'm not telling anyone what they should ask. I totally agree that people can do whatever they want. But I have no problem giving people things to think about, especially with regard to how the future may unfold.

No, I certainly haven't spoken to James. But he has said that he got a new machine and is looking for a machinist. And as more time goes by, certainly there are more Wolfmans out there.

How many razors and other products have been unobtainable and commanded huge prices, only to come back to earth in time? Almost every one.

Not sure what you mean by a shameless plug thread. I have no monetary interest here. I am neither in the market to buy or sell a wolfman nor any other razor.

Just trying to get people thinking.
OP you are psychic! lol. Question though what makes you think those that they sell them don't like them? Ever considered those that they have them most likely bought 3-4 or more at one shot, keep 2 sell 2.... and when they sell them they come out even with 2 Wolfmans to keep....

The dude above is right, you cant tell people what to do, to each its own and for me personally I would never pay $650 for a razor that original price is $230. I can not complain though I'm on the list, I can customize the gap exposure which I want it to be .86mm and most likely I will buy 2 of them with different handles,different plates but most likely both brushed, and I wont be reselling them.

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In my experience, people around here are pretty smart and can make their own decisions based on facts and not mere speculation. With all do respect, but to me this is nothing more than a Trolling Thread. James is a big guy, he doesn't need to send people around the boards to do his bidding.

This Wolfman thing has been talked about, threads closed, and on and on and on. It is a subject DOA.

Nevertheless, thank you for your concerns. Until things change in his business model, things are going to remain the same, we just have to wait and see.

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Aaaaand we're off!

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- Jeff

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(07-24-2016, 01:56 AM)wyze0ne Wrote: Aaaaand we're off!


Chazz Reinhold HOF
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Hopefully the mods will realize this is dead on arrival and stop the insanity before it goes rogue, AGAIN! lol.....

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hrfdez and Blagoja Rajevski, I truly believe both of you are being incredibly harsh. golfhacker is clearly just giving an opinion and even states so at the end of his post.  As a wet shaving site, opinions are not only welcome but are all but mandatory.  After all, what is our favorite acronym... YMMV. Winking  So much about our hobby is personal opinion and how we may react to a certain product.  To put someone down for expressing an opinion (and nowhere does golfhacker claim his hypothesis is fact) serves no purpose and dampens discussion, in my opinion.

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You know, the original poster took time to compose a well thought out line of reasoning. Maybe he's right and maybe he isn't - as you say, folks around here are smart. They can take his ideas into account and draw their own conclusions.

This, or any, forum is stronger when people are comfortable posting their thoughts without worry that their ideas will be attacked. The subject is not DOA to me. I didn't even know what a Wolf razor was until this week. It is easy enough to skip any subject you think is DOA. If it really is DOA the thread will fade pretty quickly.

Golfhacker, thanks for posting. The Wolf razors have been peaking my interest and I appreciate the thoughts.

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