How do you guys handle your RAD? Mine comes and goes. Lately it's been intense. I have to avoid Chris Bailey's videos Smile Just when I thought I had the ultimate collection, I see him reviewing some new, pricey razor that has unseated his most recent favorite. I was very proud to have overcome the urge to buy a Rockwell 6S, which I fought off by reminding myself that I have a Mergress, the Parker version of the Mergress, and several Fatboys and Gillette Slim Adjustables, so the idea of fumbling with a plate midshave as I'd have to do with the Rockwell--assuming I wanted to adjust it on the fly--became less appealing.

Thanks to Chris Bailey, I then had to go mano a mano with the really intense urge to buy a Timeless. I was able to make that urge tap out by admiring my current stable of stainless DE razors, and by reminding myself that my favorite shave is usually with a Feather Artist Club, so why spring for yet another DE?

I'm so glad I never got into straights. I'd be on the street with a tin cup in my hand, but a BBS face.

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The Rockwell 6S, now available in chrome as a 6C is an excellent razor. I'd buy a 6C if I didn't already have the stainless.

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It looks terrific, hence my struggle to avoid yet another purchase. They were unpacking a shipment of the chrome version at Pasteur this week and I admired them and nearly bought one. I like the idea of the multiple plates depending on your needs on a given day. And the stainless version at just under $100! Wow.

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Some videos are informative, and they can be very helpful to new shavers starting in this hobby. With that said, personally, I suggest not to go for videos too much, cause they will drive you to keep buying more and more. Be specially cautious when it comes to unobtaniums and expensive gears. Many of these unobtaniums are just alright, but gets a mirage effect due to their rarity. That also rubs on expensive razors, due to their deemed exclusivity.

I have dozens of razors here gathering dust, many bought when I was starting out. If I had to do it all over again, I'd give myself the advice that it's better to read reviews, and see the consensus of peers about products such as razors before pulling the trigger. Those vids will never end, mate. There will always be something new.

My favorite right now is the Blackbird. It didn't even get that much rave reviews on YouTube, at least unlike the others but I find it performs the best for me. I'll also echo Dominic that the 6s is a great razor. Best value in my opinion.

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We all suffer from GMO laboratories inserting magpie genes into us. I settled into one razor, ironically my first and two soaps, one again an early choice. I find myself lusting for Paladin and Plisson brushes and Penhaligon scents along with a reserve of blades and soaps for two lifetimes. If I may make one observation. Our multi generation of shavers is probably the first to collect on such a wide scale. I wish not to be macabre, but we sure are working hard for a future generation of shaver's to enjoy turnkey collections sans thrill and heartbreak of the hunt.
I see these future collectors disturbing my afternoons on skateboards flicking cigarettes after trying to inhale and look cool. I should collect stuff for THEM? Screw the little monsters. I'm going to start shaving TWICE a day.

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The AS-D2 was the cure to my short-live RAD.

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(07-28-2017, 11:41 PM)charlievarick Wrote: How do you guys handle your RAD?...

I'm so glad I never got into straights. I'd be on the street with a tin cup in my hand, but a BBS face.

What is this "handle" of which you speak? I don't understand the question, I'm afraid...

[Image: yWADLE9.jpg]
This is my current collection of straights. About half are in good shaving condition. The rest are patiently waiting for repairs of varying degrees. At an average cost of about $8 per razor, it's an acquisition disorder I can handle. Mind you, $8 per razor doesn't include my time and effort, or my materials and stones. I refuse to consider those in the cost. For sanity sake...

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-Chris~Head Shaver~
If I had your skill at restoration, honing, etc... That is an awesome collection beautifully displayed.

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My RAD wasn't "cured" until I ran out of space in my den.
I run out of space - 33 straights (plus hones and strops), 2 SE stainless and 10 stainless DEs and 2 NOS Gillettes (Fat and Slim).

And my RAD is only getting stronger Smile

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