Philadelphia, PA
saw this posted on Rex Supply's facebook page last night:

A 3 piece razor in the works - tentative name is The Envoy. Will resemble Ambassador at setting 3. Price will be around $125. Coming soon!

[Image: GWIBPMF.jpg]

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Philadelphia, PA
a little birdie has told me that Matt (Razor Emporium) is going to send me an ambassador and his new razor, the envoy, to do a pass around on DFS. At the end of the pass around, we'll raffle them off, per Matt's request....

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Ahem. I'm in.
I’d like to get in on this!
If you are going to split the pass around, I would like to be in on the Envoy one.
I'd like to be in on the Envoy pass-around!

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This sounds interesting. Curious about the overall look with the handle.
Wow, setting 3(for all my passes )on my Rex Ambassador that I bought on the group buy is my best performing razor. Always a perfectly super close shave with barely any burn from the after shave. I’m gonna have to buy this.
Interested to see how it does mano a mano with its Gibbs analogue, the 14/16.[Image: 2ddf08209d0aebb810a300a2b60174e2.jpg]

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Thx guys! While it may resemble the Gibbs we are literally trying to replicate Ambassador on 3 in terms of gap and angle etc.

Handle will likely be similar girth and length to ambassador but with different knurling. Will have a hole in the bottom (not fully hollow) so it can be put on a stand as ambassador does.

I really like this pattern [Image: 3eedcdc3635ce0fc6bb44839ae30c277.jpg]

Looking forward to hearing feedback!

Thx Smile

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