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Connaught all the way for GEM PTFE blades. Shipping is only about $4 from the UK!
- Jeff
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Well decided to give V2 a try.  Just placed the order today.

THANK YOU to all for your comments and answering questions etc.  Between here and another forum, feedback seemed to range from it being no different to being better.  I don't recall seeing any negative comments on the V2 other than it wasn't a Genesis  Winking

Hoping that it arrives with no flaws, mechanical or cosmetic and that it shaves more efficient than the V1.  GEMS just an extra.
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One word of caution, use extreme carefulness when loading the blade because if you press too far/hard, you will cut off the blade guards.
Just look first to see what I'm talking about (locate blade guards), and then just watch what you're doing while loading (and insert slow and evenly!!) and you will be okay.
But I didn't pay attention and the blade cut right through them, and the plastic edges were scratching my face until I made some mods to smooth that issue out. Now works like a charm again, but the plastic edges scratching on my face were less than pleasant.
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Well I received the V2 2 weeks ago today.  I have shaved with it 12 times I believe.  Doesn't seem like a lot of talk about this razor anymore but thought I would share my experience. Sorry I'm long winded and get distracted easily.

One problem with having returned the V1 and waiting on the V2 is I couldn't compare them side by side plus the time from having used the V1 and remembering what it was like made it somewhat tough to compare.

My V1 was in good shape with the exception of a chip in the handle, some molding tabs and some sharp edges. Some didn't matter but the edges that touched my face especially with the amount of pressure to get a close shave did dig or scrape my face.  I had no problems loading the blade.  I found it easy and it clicked into place. Returned it due to the amount of passes needed to get a close shave, it ticked me off that they launched a V2 within 2 weeks of getting the V1 and that some were having problems with the head/spring.

So my intent after waiting for info/reviews was if I ordered it I was going to keep it unless there was mechanical problem or cosmetic issues that I found unacceptable.  Based on my research I knew it was not going to be a night and day difference in aggression/efficiency just that it was improved so even though I could it wouldn't seem right to send it back for no other reason.


On the back of the head where my V1 had a molding tab there were swirl marks suggesting some sort of buffing tool was run across the back of the head where you load the blade. The shiny black piece on the top of the head has a scratch across it, not deep but noticeable. For lack of a better term the shiny candy coated handle was fine no chips but again buff marks at the pivot point and it's actually quite aggressive like they removed a decent amount of material. It's rough around that area. Hard to see but can feel it.  Don't remember that on my V1.

The edges are really sharp on the V2. Definitely more so than the V1. I just used the razor on my arm and face with no blade and I can feel the sharp edges.  I know I can take some high grit wet/dry sandpaper to the edges but I'm not going to do that during the 30 day return period.


Harder time loading the blade. It hangs up on the left side. I have to push harder on that side but the blade still goes in somewhat diagonally. The blade snaps in but it's not smooth. Did not have this problem with the V1.

The pivot was very noisy a lot of clicks and grinding sounds.  This seems to have mostly stopped. Again don't remember this on the V1. I can't tell if the head pivots easier the same or harder than the V1. Again a problem with it being so long since seeing using the V1.

The Shave:

First shave with new feather blade. It felt a little more efficient again hard to tell due to time. I'll guess maybe 5-10% better.  I could really feel the sharp edges of the razor on my face. I was pushing pretty hard as that's what I had to do with the V1. So got a pretty close shave but experienced more irritation then I ever remember with the V1. Fast forward. Shaved a total of 3 times with this blade adjusted my pressure but quite honestly I thought the shaves sucked.  I was getting a fairly close shave and I didn't seem to need as much buffing etc. but a lot of irritation on my lower neck and it was really bad going east to west, west to east. Could really feel the sharp edges going in these directions. At this point I was like this sucks it's going back I'm done with this plastic head crap.  I'll go back to what ive been doing. If there is ever a good sale on the Genesis or they come out with a metal head I'll give it a go.

Since I regrettably never tried a GEM blade with the V1 I wanted to try one before contacting oneblade about a return. I took a day off to let my neck recover a little. I de-spined a GEM and loaded it.  I made no other alterations. I went very carefully and didn't put a lot of pressure on the head as I was afraid the blade may move etc. Shave was okay. Not very close but didn't want to push it so left well enough alone. Next night used a little more pressure got a little closer. Nothing like the Feather blade though.  Decided to use my Alum to check irritation level. Hardly any burn.  Never experienced that with Alum before.  Same thing the next night. So shaves with Feather blade sucked with the GEM awesome from an irritation standpoint but not close at all.

Time to try a new Feather blade. Okay better this time nothing like the first time around and much much closer than the GEM. So pretty much matching what I was able to do with the V1 just a little bit easier. Still this is no 3 pass and cleanup razor for me.  Checking with Alum a bit more sting then the GEM but much less than my DE shaves in my neck area.  So assuming I got a bad Feather blade which sucks when they cost around 70 cents.

So overall from what I can recall about the V1 versus the new V2 is its a bit more efficient but nothing that really made me say wow what an upgrade.  Unless I get the GEM to shave closer I'm going to have to use the Feather to get a close shave if thats what I want. Using the GEM alone my face feels right after I shave like my face does 10 hours later with the Feather. I did push the Feather to 4 shaves but after 2 shaves it really drops off. That means 2 blades a week for 6 shaves which is what I expected. One thing I did today that might provide me a cheaper alternative was I did a full 3 pass Shave with a GEM blade I then put in the Feather for another full pass and a lot of buffing etc and ended up with a close shave and good results with Alum. So if I can get a Feather blade to last through 2 weeks which for me is 12 shaves I think that will work.  If I shaved in the morning the GEM would be good enough but since I shave at night I start the day with 8-10 hrs of growth so that extra closeness is what I'm looking for.

Long post but that's where I'm at.  I can't say I'm not getting a good enough shave. A little disappointed with the overall finish of the razor. Am I being to picky. $50 makes this my third most expensive razor with the Rockwell 6s being my most expensive. So my experience with the OneBlade Core is a love/hate relationship.  Love that I can get a close shave with next to no irritation. No technique is really needed, no worries about nicks or cuts.  The bad, blade cost, plastic head, overall finish.  

I am going to email oneblade just to get it on record that I am having trouble with the one side, the spring noises and the sharp edges.  Unless something goes wrong I will not be returning it as it is doing what I thought it would do at least after the first blade. After the 30 days I wil buff the sharp edges. I know that this sounds like a mostly negative post but I just think it could be a better razor and a plastic head was not a good choice. It's nice to know i have a razor in my arsenal that I can go to if I want a close, comfortable shave with almost no worries about nicks, weepers, bumps or having my lower left neck being red with irritation.  A safe choice.
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Great review. It has taken me awhile to adjust. If I'm patient I can get a very close, irritation free shave.
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I bought a Core off the BST and loved it. Not the most efficient shaver, but with some patience in learning to use it, it delivered the best shaves I’d had to that point. After raving about the Core, my wife bought me a Genesis for Christmas. And to me, Genesis is the perfect razor. I’ll not be buying anymore razors.

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I'm considering the Genesis. Not sure the price differential justifies the shaving experience. Also, I know they had a great Black Friday Sale, so there is some price movement, at times. May wait for that or possibly see if there is a deal on Father's day. Hint to my wife? Smile
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