I'm primarily a tea drinker. However, I do enjoy coffee too. While I am not very picky about the source of my coffee (I drink decaf and I usually use Gevalia or Starbucks), I have had to work on a way to make it for myself.

Since I drink a maximum of a cup a day, the large percolator my wife uses is not ideal. Smaller coffee makers just don't heat up the water enough or something, and the coffee is usually not up to par from the single-cup makers. We had a Keurig, but I hated the waste and the coffee. A few years ago, I bought the Aeropress and liked that, but it wore out and I was not comfortable brewing anything in plastic, so I didn't buy another one. I then had a Capresso espresso maker, but we moved to a smaller place and I don't have the counter space for it anymore. So I bought another highly-rated single-cup brewer and it was okay, but not great.

So I decided to go back to a simple stove-top moka pot from Bialetti:

[Image: 71OLZMBiR%2BL._SX425_.jpg]

It makes a nice cup of coffee and the single-cup size is just the right amount for me. It seems to be sturdy and should work fine for my tastes.

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