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Hi andrewjs18 , I was wondering if its possible to post a video clip from my iPhoto collection / iPhone? I've posted videos off the web in the past and its no big deal but I can't seem to do it using the black i square. I've got a 1.08 minute clip of some white water action that I'd like to post in the Photography section. It gives a good idea of what the Grand Canyon white water experience is like and words just aren't enough. If its not possible thats fine.


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Marko, if it can't be posted here, you can text or email it to me and I'll put up on YouTube and get a link to you that you can embed.

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sorry for the delay, Marko. The best way is to upload the video to youtube and then paste the youtube URL in a thread/post.

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You can use streamable as well. But I don't think that video will be embedded like youtube ones.

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