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I have known the Indian producer Pearl Shaving for several years.
Its OCs are effective, but very well designed.
So with good technique they allow high comfort.

Despite being cheap, the quality of the manufacture has a good value.
Especially the new L55 Combo models, which offer two heads together.
The geometries are classic, a CC Standard Plus and an OC.
Simple and solid materials, zamak for the head and brass for the handle.
I also like the liveries:
• Rose Gold
• Chrome


[Image: tehdiTl.jpg]
Full size 1548x700px

Personally I prefer more slender forms.
But above all a lighter weight and an even more balance.
That's why I'm attracted to the SS series.


[Image: Qu4t0bR.jpg]
Full size 1750x700px

[Image: MsM8p4A.jpg]
Full size 1400x1400px

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