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I've had a mustache since I could grow one and a goatee on my chin almost as long.  I have tried different shapes over the years and found that some worked fine with my normal shaving routine yet others did not.  I decided to let my chin goatee (which I keep at 1/8" every week since it is now completely grey) flair out at the sides instead of curving downward.  I like the look but boy is it a pain to shave above it now and change the directing I normally shave that area!  This week I found one day that I had missed a spot!  I also have a "divot" under my lips which has been shaped into a point, done as a square and now it is a rectangle!   In moving my mouth to shave, the bottom actually becomes a curve and I have to trim is as a curve to get it to look right.  Do any of you have similar experiences with experimentation with new looks?
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I cut in my cheek lines with a straight. The position of the cheek lines tends to wander, unfortunately. About two or three times a year I have to grow in big patches on my cheeks where the lines just migrated south from cutting them in lower, and lower. When I notice how low they are, I let them grow in for a few months.
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