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(02-10-2016, 01:05 AM)SharpSpine Wrote: Sounds great to me clint64! I think I may get my Triad/AlumiGoose/Feather Pro mojo going this weekend myself. Great shave sir and thanks for your continued thoughts.

Thank you Brian.

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AlumiGoose with Feather Pro (3)

[Image: EDAE14C6-C0EC-4600-A2C2-A96C3CE75E7D_zpsdct89gjo.jpg]

AlumiGoose with Feather Pro (4)

[Image: ED94214C-29AD-4D2B-94EB-B98C82246CC3_zps7pwidomo.jpg]

AlumiGoose with Feather Pro (5)

[Image: A2441F39-6D43-47E1-8C94-A885DD98D602_zpsybakmnkh.jpg]

The past 3 shaves have been fantastic. The AlumiGoose/Feather Pro combo is a great pairing for my work morning shaves being smooth and super efficient providing near BBS results in 2 passes. This combo provides a better shave than the Mongoose loaded with the Feather Pro. In fact the shave is almost as close as the Mongoose/Feather Super Pro combo. If I were forced to pick just one, I would take the AlumiGoose at this point. I will get a couple more shaves with the AlumiGoose/Feather Pro combo next week and then give it a try with a Super Pro blade.

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AlumiGoose with Feather Pro (6)

[Image: AD04C061-A9CE-4D1A-AC91-7E60443DF9D9_zpsbjrovq7s.jpg]

AlumiGoose with Feather Pro (7)

[Image: 5D720377-2FFA-4D39-B6E4-A92126BF174F_zpsgmnpvkmj.jpg]

Not really a great deal to add since my last update.  The AlumiGoose with Feather Pro has provided smooth and efficient near BBS work morning shaves.  I will change the blade to a Feather Super Pro and continue with the AlumiGoose for the remainder of the week.  I anticipate this will dial up the aggression of the razor.  Hopefully this will result in even a closer shave.

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Some lovely photos, Clint! Happy2

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

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(02-16-2016, 11:06 PM)celestino Wrote: Some lovely photos, Clint! Happy2

Thank you for the kinds words.

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agreed about the photos.

who made that brush in your latest photos?
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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(02-17-2016, 06:16 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: agreed about the photos.

who made that brush in your latest photos?

Thank you. The brush handle was purchased with the hole drilled and basically unfinished off of Ebay. I then finished the brush with many coats of gun kote and then set the knot. I think it turned out pretty well.

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AlumiGoose with Feather Super Pro (5)

[Image: 0821F3C9-775F-46F4-9F71-337E369D2046_zpsnripmxa9.jpg]

AlumiGoose with Feather Super Pro (6)

[Image: 615BE588-FDCE-4237-8A12-2C0D3809D553_zpsaoqxftnl.jpg]

Since switching over to the Feather Super Pro blade, I thought it might be a good time for an update.  The Super Pro blade being both thicker and deeper increases both the blade gap and blade exposure.  These changes certainly make the AlumiGoose more aggressive.  The question remains does it significantly improve the shave over the AlumiGoose/Feather Pro combo.  

The first shave went very well.  I went with 2 passes, ATG and XTG, followed by minor touch ups in my trouble spots ending with a very close shave.  Not quite a perfect BBS but very close.  This combo is not as smooth but not harsh either.  Most importantly I had no nicks, weepers or irritation.  

The second shave pretty much mirrored my first shave with the AlumiGoose/Feather Super Pro combo in terms of closeness.  I was moving to fast which I am prone to do on work mornings and placed the razor to my face to quickly ending with a nice nick below the my lip.  It's completely my fault but does illustrate that this combo is less forgiving.    I will finish up with this combo tomorrow.  At this point I prefer the AlumiGoose/Feather Pro combo since it provides nearly the same shave without the increased aggression.

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AlumiGoose with Feather Super Pro (7)

[Image: C4CA20D5-7D95-4E9B-A5BB-B64E2FDABAAB_zps3utfaava.jpg]

The last shave with the AlumiGoose and Super Pro before moving onto the Mongoose with Super Pro next week.  The shave was expected very close with no irritation, nicks or weepers.  Even having said that, the AlumiGoose/ Super Pro combo is not as smooth as the AlumiGoose with a Feather.  I am now positive that I prefer the Feather Pro to the Super Pro in this razor.  

Mongoose B2 with Feather Super Pro (1)

[Image: E98107D6-2EBD-4841-A925-46EE51730577_zpsql6d2zoc.jpg]

A fantastic 2 pass near BBS shave with the Mongoose/Feather Super Pro combo.  This blade in Mongoose is much smoother than in the AlumiGoose.  

Mongoose B2 with Feather Super Pro (2)

[Image: DA84B451-7611-46D0-823C-649E60E22686_zpscdsr8paz.jpg]

One of the best shaves with the Mongoose I have ever had.  The 2 pass shave with minor touch ups was near perfect.  At least as perfect as I can get on work mornings.

Mongoose B2 with Feather Super Pro (3)

[Image: EA5DCEA9-40FC-4120-A36E-362FEEED696C_zpswcbcvg1y.jpg]

Another great shave this morning.  Not quite at the level of the previous shave but still a near BBS 2 pass shave.  The Mongoose with Super Pro blade is my bench mark for work morning shaves.  I can get consistently quick, close and comfortable shaves with little drama.  I admit I have this razor dialed in as you would expect after over 170 shaves.  I plan on finishing out the month with this set up.

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Looking & sounding great clint64. Any ideas as to why the Super Pro blade feels different between the stainless and aluminum versions?

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

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