I’m looking to purchase a charcoal goods razor level 2.
I’m just wondering what are your guys views on this razor, performance, different base plates as well, so in general an overall review on the razor please.

I haven't tried a Level 2, but my two Level 3 razors are my favorites in my den, and I've got a ton of razors. The open comb barely edges out the straight bar. And nothing is more beautiful than a brass CG razor, whether shiny or antique, not even my Wolfman.

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I have a Lvl2 baseplate now and a Lvl3 in the mail. Very happy with the Lvl2.

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I just got a brass Lvl 2 and its performance knocked me out. It's super smooth. Three passes is usually a risky proposition for me with most razors, but it's no problem with the CG lvl 2.

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They are fantastic shavers once you get comfortable with the razor, either Level 2 or 3.
My Level 3 SB is an excellent and efficient shaver which I greatly enjoy using.

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Yup, all true, to my dismay, I've become a bit of a CG fanboy.

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Thanks for you all opinions on the charcoal razor, I’m torn between level 2/3 base plate is there much difference between the two plates?

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[Image: rweRRu7.jpg]
Huge difference

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I did some digging into differences between Lvl 2 and 3 and found the following on youtube comments

"He doesn't post the blade gaps for the public. On his site he does state it's (Lvl3) the same gap as level 2, just different adjustments like exposure etc."

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