Earlier this year when i got into wetshaving i tried several dozen blades, landed on Astra Superior Stainless (blue package) and pretty much haven't looked back since

Do you use this blade too?  If so, what razor do you use it with?

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I've never tried the blue package. My favorite blades are the Astra Platinum that come in the green packaging. Have you tried the platinum blades? If so what's the difference between the two in your opinion?

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I did try the Astra Platinum earlier this year.  Interestingly, I did not care for it at all.  I don't recall exactly what the problem was, all i know is i had the exact  opposite experience that most people have.  Most people like the Platinum and dislike the Stainless.

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Interesting. I've just never tried the stainless. I've ordered some, so I'll let you know what I think when they finally arrive.

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I think many people haven't tried the Stainless.  On the chart of blade sharpness ratings, it ranks right in the middle, it's a nice balanced middleground sharpness and smoothness and it stays relatively sharp for a few shaves

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I've used both the Astra blades (SP and SS) in a variety of razors (including vintage and modern...Rocca R95, Timeless .68 OC, NEW SC, Karve #C, #D, #E, #F, and #G plates)...and I much prefer the Astra SS.
Typical of YMMV I know, but I found the SS to be smoother on my face.

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How was it in the Rocca?  I've wondered if that could be too aggressive for me

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I am NOT a fan of Astra SP blades. They are not sharp enough for my coarse beard. However, I find Astra SS blades to be quite good. I prefer them to most of the other PPI blades except for Nacet and PermaSharp Super which are even sharper.

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I had good experience with Nacet as well, but i think Astra Stainless edged out as the winner

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(11-28-2020, 09:06 AM)MoneyForNothin Wrote: How was it in the Rocca?  I've wondered if that could be too aggressive for me

Yep, all good in the Rocca.
Not aggressive at all...it's a very smooth shave.
I think some folks call a razor/blade 'aggressive' when the actual problem might be a not so good soap.
I 'thought' my Timeless .68 OC was only just OK until I went on to better soaps.
Now happily using stainless Karve #F, and #G SB plates with no problems.
Get the Rocca...it's a good razor. Mine's a V4, but I have read that the V1 and V2 can be a bother (build quality).

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