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Hi all, I posted a quick pic in my intro thread, here's my full collection as of this month, more is always incoming, I have a B-1 Red Tip and 5 soaps coming in the next few days.


[Image: d2b16c97cca68cbf4e58da46fb26afbc.jpg]
[Image: aa8827a634781250b2c45280677731d6.jpg]
[Image: 9960febf54b7766e056b634aa6518bba.jpg]
[Image: 1d00eb9659f801574c6a62383889aa1f.jpg]
[Image: 11e700c198eaa29a3c3b64599c4284b9.jpg]
[Image: dab209d45f0270e8bf2e1a3a2e46f5f7.jpg]
[Image: 4c3d99b51397fee7818638c0374702b7.jpg]
[Image: f49e4e1898486019da42e0dcfd51ed14.jpg]

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Impressive collection and displayed VERY nicely! Smile

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Just beautiful and perfectly displayed. Happy2

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❤️s in bna and dtw
very nice presentation!

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eric b

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Southern Ohio
Very nice collection.

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North Carolina
Awesome collection and display! Kudos to you sir! Smile

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Very nice! Big Grin

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Toronto, Ont. Canada
An impressive display in a most appropriate setting.

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(12-30-2015, 12:26 PM)Mickey Oberman Wrote: An impressive display in a most appropriate setting.
The wife got tired of the bathroom closet being crowded so she approved a whole cabinet. I'm lucky Smile

Bromley, Kent, U.K.
Wow that's a impressive display & a great collection of razors.

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L.Clint from U.K.

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