(01-01-2016, 09:47 AM)rogue13 Wrote: Wow that's a impressive display & a great collection of razors.
Thanks man
Beautiful collection, I am filled with envy!
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Shaven in the Past
It looks like Macy's!
Cold Water Shaver / Single Ring Proponent
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(12-30-2016, 11:17 PM)preidy Wrote: It looks like Macy's!
Thanks buddy
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How much things changed in one year.

[Image: 2b870e95ebedf1aa99301285ffb811be.jpg]

[Image: cf3ad21f46b9f4858dfbf1f612c0d8e6.jpg]

[Image: ca9c5d7a16ecc43b4d9170dbd5ebb00c.jpg]

I sold and traded many razors and acquired and sold soaps that aren't even pictured here. I went on a B&M and CRSW binge that I'm just now getting over somewhat. I've started acquiring Caties Bubbles and Wholly Kaw and L&L, and Chatillon Lux. In the next year I will get some of the new B&M releases, but will try to focus on some new stuff. More aftershaves, and possibly a SE AC razor.

My favorite acquisition this year I think is my Mergress. Such a nice razor.

[Image: 78c3de0f409f415ff1b9e93d036dbd54.jpg]
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Looks like a lot of B&M and CRSW added. My favorites. Also Chatillon Lux is some great stuff.
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Added a bunch, like I wanted to. Moved some b&m and most of CRSW, in favor of L&L Grooming, Caties Bubbles, and Talbot, plus some more Wholly Kaw and of course much more Chatillon Lux. And a Bufflehead for good measure.

My most favorite acquisition so far this year, is close but I have to give the edge to Talbot Holland Glen. Such a great Fougère. [Image: fbc181da37cdc469a2ae5bcae886ee36.jpg][Image: b40cb3a97599136aa53acaa474d722d6.jpg][Image: 8142bb4ee2de5e5d7b5e409caf5e11c7.jpg][Image: d56170e997fdae6144eaa4fa8d857f52.jpg][Image: beb57140baa8e68df0ecd14e598bfe82.jpg][Image: bc5dfa94c3fdf703f5b57864cd9d4b2e.jpg]
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[Image: lwfaLuy.jpg]Looks like you could use a cased toggle
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What a tasteful display. Thanks for posting it.

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