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In my glutinous number of soaps, I have noticed that I don't own a real woodsy soap/ aftershave. What are your favorites? All suggestions would be appreciated.
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Castle Forbes Cedar and Sandalwood is very woody. Ogallala Bay Rum Sage and Cedar is too. I love both of those and then there's the Cyril Salter French Vetiver which is a smoky intoxicating maybe woodsy smell. Love that one too. I could never choose just one.
Patchouli as from SCS.
Basilica balm from QCS
AOS Sandalwood balm.
Yea. Pretty much in that order.
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True irony

Stirling Coniferous is a nice woodsy scent.

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Depends how woodsy you would like to go, Soap Commander Connection is a good shout but if you want all out wood! Go for Mikes Pine and Cedarwood.
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I second Stirling coniferous and add Stirling Ozark.

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Thanks for the information, I just ordered Stirling Coniferous and Ozark Mountain. I love woodsy scents. One of my favourite smells is burning in pine tar on the bases of (wooden) mountaineering skis. I wonder if that can be made into a shaving soap?

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Ozark Mtn. is great! One of my other all time favorites is unfortunately no longer available- I have one tub and that is QED Pine and Cedarwood. Great, woodsy scent and super performance.

If you haven't used Soap Commander product, I do recommend Connection per Oli's comment. Not traditional but elements of resinous pine, with sweet notes supporting. Their stuff is amongst my favorite performance wise as well.

Let us know what you think of the Stirling soaps!

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Thanks Kevin, I've got a few Soap Commanders but not that one - its officially on the list.

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