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(10-18-2019, 02:37 AM)Whisk-her Away Wrote:
(10-17-2019, 10:52 PM)Pc4406 Wrote: Google doc submitted: 9/6 5:50 PM PDT
Automated reply: 9/19
Order confirmed, invoice received and paid: 10/17

Wow, you submitted your Google doc order exactly one hour before me. If he’s going in order I must be coming up pretty soon.

Same here.....there appears to be many of us in this order time period (including orders 9/7 minus time zone difference)
I spent a little time comparing time zones and orders from various members both completed and still waiting, and it seams that pre 8pm 9/6 orders (Canada time) are completed and now Invoices have gone out covering the next hour or so post 8pm, what I call 'the magic hour' where word started to get around about the new google form and no doubt many orders were then placed at this time point (remember the frantic drops), it is feesable that after 8pm huge swathes of orders were placed-possibly more than all orders pre 8pm, and working through those orders will take some time.
I'm thinking that if it has taken exactly 6 weeks to complete pre 8pm orders then it could take at minimum another 6 weeks or more to fulfil the orders placed within the following hour after 8pm 9/6......just a theory....
I try to be as realistic as possible to help with the pain of waiting & the unknown...Wink

I must add:
On the flip side I think it very noble of James to only Invoice people when a quick delivery is possible, of course it would be possible to mass Invoice and have a longer wait time to receive a completed razor after payment.....

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