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If you go to the Wolfman website James is auctioning off a Bronze WR1 and the wait list is on hold. IMHO as the manufacturer it is poor to auction your product unless it is to help a charity.

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Maybe, but a few months ago Paladin Brushes were being auctioned off .. and getting very high prices. Time will tell.
Prices hinge very much on availability ... not just wet shaving items. I own some really high end bicycles. 2-3 years ago, I made about $2K on ebay for about $10K worth of bicycle parts (Mostly due to my parts being very 'old tech'). Now, with high demand for bicycles, I have listed a 2012 Moots Titanium road bike on ebay today. I have about $12K into the bike. With today's high demand and low inventory, it will be interesting to see what I get for it. I have already 400 views and 8 watchers in about 10 hours time.

Probably not a good comparison ... Its just interesting to me how SOME markets have changed, and are ever changing ... JAY

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Might be loss of reality — but he’s going to get $1000+ for a hunk of copper. Just sayin’.

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The day I bid on a DE razor is the day I use the blade to open my veins. With companies like Timeless and Blackbird, why pay exorbitant prices for a Wolfman? 

This is the nonsense that makes me miss the days when if you wanted a razor, you had a choice of a Gillette with the blue, red, or black handle, or a Schick injector. That was the range. And people were happy. 

I love artisan razors and the blade gaps that are narrow as a human hair or wide as the Grand Canyon, as well as the added torque, the slant, the magic steel that invokes the shaving fairies to come guide your hand. 

But what I want is a razor that's beautiful to look at that gives me a bbs and comfortable shave. My Wolfman does that. So does my Timeless 95, my Blackland razors, and my Razorrock SE. Come to think of it, so does my ATT S1, R2, and so on. 

People should feel free to buy and bid as they like. But let's not lose our heads. 

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$10k and up to $800+. Just...wow.

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Something wild is loose

Southern US
(09-04-2021, 01:41 AM)Hdad Wrote: Might be loss of reality — but he’s going to get $1000+ for a hunk of copper.  Just sayin’.

Are you suggesting he’s misrepresenting it as bronze?

I like Pizza
Wouldn’t you agree that any Razor or Brush upwards of over $100 is a disposable income / luxury item?  How about software with a cost of $10 per ounce? Fragrance with a cost of $200 an ounce? 

“Placing the wait list on hold, working on new designs, updating website and planning to have occasional limited edition auctions on his website” is a brilliant idea. Wolfman and Declaration generated hard core Marketing through auctions for their World Class goods, is that wrong? I personally think those Gents got it RIGHT with “trying” NEW things. I own a B5 and I WANT another.  I have an incomplete Copper Wolfman kit and if that were a Copper kit on auction at the Wolfman site I would be participating

Maybe James wants to take a few weeks break and go fishing? Maybe his intentions are to resume the wait list after a short break with new and exciting offerings? It’s his business and is entitled to take a holiday like the rest of us

In keeping with the times AND trying new things…… I think that “is” the reality and proactively staying relevant

I respect your opinion, this is what we do here in this community, we kick back with intelligent discussion like Gentlemen

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expert shaver
The auction for the WR1 head & WR2 handle in all bronze from 2015 is up to $925 with about 4 hours remaining. James knows how to make money.
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No — that was my error, Whisk-her Away
The part of the announcement that struck me is the part I have changed to capital letters.

“September 2021 update: The wait list will be closed temporarily while the menu options AND PRICING ARE UPDATED. It should open again before November 1 2021”

Brace yourselves.

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