Hey everyone. Currently I have an ejde89 and a gem featherweight, and I am looking to give the slant a try. I have a very course beard and I understand that the slant is more efficient at cutting the hair. I am looking for reccomendations on a good starter slant razor that is neither uber aggressive not expensive. I simply want to expand my selection as well as my skill in order to better know what type of razor I like before I drop a lot of coin on the likes of att and ikon. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Try a Merkur 37C. I have one and like it. (Well, I actually have the 37G but don't believe it's in production anymore. The C stands for chrome and G for gold.)

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I agree with Freddy, I bought a Merkur 37C one month ago and it has what you are looking for.  It is commonly available, it is cheap (but well made), and it is not what I would consider an aggressive razor.

It might be out of your price range, but I love my iKON Slant, it is the first run, don't know if you can find it easily, but iKON is a great option as well if it's in your price range Smile
Love my Merkur 39C. It's pretty efficient and not too aggressive.

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If you want an aggressive razor, a Merkur is for you. But in my case I found it un-necessarily aggressive that just increased the chance of irritation.

If you want a smooth shaving razor that can easily take down stubble an ikon 102 could be for you.

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I've only found the merkur good on a few days growth, not so comfortable in daily use. I like my ikon 102 better. Why not try something like an open comb?

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I prefer my 39c to the 37c or iKon. The Merkur razors shave just as well for a fraction of the price. The weight and length of the 39c make for an easier and smoother shave for me because I prefer heavy razors.

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In my personal experience, I've owned a 37C and an iKon DLC slant. Then, when I first tried a GEM Damaskeene, it shaved exactly how I had hoped the slants would, so I sold them.

That's just one man's experience, however.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have decided to go with a mild open comb instead. I ordered the Phoenix doc. When I do go with the slant I will go with the merkur as it seemed to be the consensus for the price range I was looking.

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