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Gratiot League Square (Declaration Grooming) leathery tobacco
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There are little brown flecks floating in my lather. I suppose they came from the soap, which is the color of a Hershey's chocolate bar. They don't get in the way of the shaving, but I wonder what they are?

Two passes today with my ancient Edwin Jagger DE89. Tedolph's thread on technique is helping me remember the importance of using a light touch. I'll add that riding the cap, at least with this razor, is the way to shave. No pain during or after the shave, and the results are excellent.
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(07-10-2024, 01:48 AM)Nero Wrote: For Dan...

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Thank you so much! Although envy your environs, very happy you and Nero get to live among such beauty and gorgeous weather.

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[Image: nU3C98f.jpeg]Scent Notes: Coconut, Fig, Almond, Honey, Davana, Vanilla, Tonka, Sandalwood.
Received this yesterday in the nearly 100 deg.heat. Looked fine upon opening. Left it overnight & used this morning.
Really like the scent(wife too)…not overwhelming. I thought my last Mallard soap…Coconut Rum was way stronger.
My big nose is pretty much nose blind when it comes to picking out scent notes, however I think I do pick up the fig note. I could easily use this year round. As the photo shows, it looks like chocolate pudding. I used an almond size scoop in my lather bowl & easily got enough lather for 3 passes. It did not need a lot of water to make a nice creamy lather. Mo did a great job on this release & it was worth waiting 4 weeks to get it.

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Started off by pouring hot water over the puck and then immediately pouring it out.  Loaded with a damp 30mm Cashmere and after about 50 swirls, I scooped out the proto-lather and put it on the knot.  This is what the proto-lather looked like:

[Image: 9nAbOnA.jpeg]

Face-painted until I had the proto-lather worked into the face and had a relatively "chalky" concoction going.  That's when I dunked about 3/4 of the knot into the sink water and proceeded to face-paint for about 2 minutes.  After a couple minutes, I swirled the brush for a couple of seconds and went back to face-painting.  Repeated that process 2 or 3 more times and ended up with this:

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It really IS all about that bass.
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"There isn't much that a great shave and hot cup of coffee can't fix"

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