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Havane v. (Le Père Lucien) tobacco, rum, eucalyptus

"Your most expensive soap is the one you don't use." That adage has been rattling through my brain pan lately. Fact is, most of us have a large rotation, making it hard to visit dear soaps often. We've spent a lot on soap and generally we like getting a good value. To me, this means using the pricier soaps enough times to make their cost-per-shave reasonable. After all, I set out on this wet shaving odyssey several years ago with the promise of "pennies per shave" ringing in my ears. So over the next few months, I'll be focusing on several expensive soaps, using each of them at least five times a week in an effort to whittle their cost-per-shave down from dollars to cents.

First up is Havane, a soap made by Le Père Lucien but marketed by Pogonotomie artdubarbier.com. The only reason this soap fits into the expensive category is because the shipping from France was actually more than the soap itself. I didn't catch this imbalance until after I had closed the deal. So there you are, a basket of regrets at first, but now real satisfaction. The fragrance has perked up, the lather is excellent, and the finish is smooth, dry, and sublime.
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Gillette Pure shave cream

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DFS Eleven [Image: ad21ed9106feb43d00477a40fbc164b8.jpg]

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Decided to try a new loading technique this morning.  End result was inferior to what I am used to with Shannon's as this one seemed to be more "airy" in consistency.  Overall, slickness and protection were top-notch so I'm certainly not complaining Smile

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Mike's Barber Shop

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Hemingway Accoutrements shaving cream
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Nasty label but awesome,scent and performance.  Stirling Spice is their nod to Old Spice and a pretty good one but the spyglass bottle is vintage Shulton Old Spice and the soap doesn't have the same depth of character.  Still great though.

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CBL Money tonsorial

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