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(01-10-2019, 05:56 PM)Tidepool Wrote: [Image: vPUimW6.jpg]

I do like this soap and will miss it when mines gone.

Same here! Sad to see a great soap with nice scents at a very affordable price taken off the market.

Happy Shaving!
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(01-10-2019, 05:34 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: [Image: k8PQug1.jpg]

It's been a while since I reached for Tabac and every time I do Im Reminded of just how good this soap is. Loading is easy off this hard puck. Lather is high structure and really feels luxuriously fluffy. I hear some state that the slickness is lacking. Well folks, it AINT! I see this happen lots with hard pucks that lather big. A longer load will usually improve slickness and this is a soap that appears ready to go before there is enough soap in the brush. Scent strength is 8/10 and lasts. Scent seems to be polar on this one but for the life of me I implore if you don't like the scent of Tabac get to a doctor and get it fixed. This is an awesome fougere leaning on the floral side but man does this smell like a MAN! Timeless, efficacious, masculine. I noted in the pic that tabac states "since 1959" which is just about everything in the photo. The Fat Boy is a 1960. The brush most likely is not quite that old but might be. It's a Peerless I picked up in TX and stuffed a maggard badger/boar mixed 24mm knot in.
Agree wholeheartedly sir. Nice post

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Meibner Tremonia.....
[Image: lGCACYz.jpg]

Man this stuff is not for the weak of heart in the scent department

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(01-10-2019, 08:52 PM)Oasisdave Wrote: Meibner Tremonia.....
[Image: lGCACYz.jpg]

Man this stuff is not for the weak of heart in the scent department

Meisner is one I’ve never tried but will someday. Strong and Scottish does seem to elicit strong opinions!

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The soap smells like a very light version of AdP's famous cologne. Nice but not very exciting. Much more interesting is the menthol that leaves you with a fresh feel happily short of a goosebumpy chill. The cream itself makes a light, close lather that gives a great shave. I'm chipping away at a small sample. Will I shell out for a full tub? Probably not. Although it works fine, It's not hard to find a soap that matches the performance and betters the scent for a fraction of the cost.
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