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(11-19-2023, 11:25 PM)ExtraProtein Wrote: [Image: SPxHWlH.jpg]

This slightly taller “Hucklaration” handle was commissioned by myself and was going to get a B3 HOWEVER, the Paladin 2CLNB6 you see here was a “temporary set” to hold me over until I was back in the USA (2020).  Here we are 3+ years later and the temporary knot remains….. can’t really call it a Hucklaration as it doesn’t have a Declaration knot and more than likely never will.  

This Paladin Knot is a shining example of what many people would call a perfect knot.  Zero Scritch, perfect balanced backbone, cloud soft tips which suggests very lite processing…….Consistent with that is very little gel characteristic.  I stand in the mirror swirling and swirling with this one because of the wonderful knot exfoliation on my skin and solid grip from a slightly taller “Huck.”

In hindsight, I would have been chuffed with a B3 but it would have been a waste of cash as the performance and quality of this knot has exceeded my expectation!

This brush is, indeed, one of a kind.

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Declaration Grooming Jefferson B11 “Blood of Kings”

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Yaqi Synthetic [Image: 2e61d61237f0204047fec737f39ce007.jpg]

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RV Shaving with A Long knot
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Edwin Jagger 25mm SilverFibre2 brush


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