I'm loving my recent purchases from PAA! The Sangre De Drago soap and matching aftershave is incredible. The scent strength on the AS is perfect. I can still catch a whiff as I'm driving home from the office. Excellent longevity. The scent is fantastic on both. Douglas has really created a masterpiece with this one. The oud and sandalwood work so well together and really has the "feel" of a high end fragrance. The soap is a wonderful performer and the lather is easy to make and plentiful with excellent slickness and a great post shave.

What are your favorites?

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For me CaD takes the cake (out of what I've tried so far), but I'd be interested in checking out their take on 4711.

I really enjoy PAA soaps. They are quite easy to use IMO, and somehow remind me of a non-tallow version of B&M (a high compliment).

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I might have to try Sangre DE Drago but the one I plan on buying first is the Crown King Rustle Ridge.
I have to agree with the guy that said CaD. Cavendish is also a great one. Those are the only ones I currently own. I'm looking into getting a couple more with the matching aftershave/cologne. Any recommendations?

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Cad is very good. I like Club Guy. It's Clubman Pinaud on steroids.
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Eh+ was very nice, however I must admit I have never raved about PAA performance. I don't think it cuts it with some others. But for selection of soaps you can't fault them.
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CaD is the hands down winner for me. Also one of my favorite aftershave splashes. That being said I also quite like The Beach, Cavendish and one that is really nice that doesn't get mentioned too much is Gondolier
The soaps are fine, but the aftershave/cologne is what really shines. You just have to find a scent you like. I put them on at 7am and can pick them up driving home from work. The new Crown King soap formulation is one of my favorites and I wonder if his new PAA line is the same formula. I only have some of the older PAA/HTGAM formulations. Gondolier is one of his best scents IMO. If you like citrus and cedar then Ñ (Enye) is one you should check out. Al Fin is another fantastic aftershave/cologne he has too.

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I love their lime scent the most.

Love the simplicity and tartness of that scent.

However, this was when the company was called howtogrowamoustache. Not sure they make it anymore.

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