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A simple but very good breakfast this morning: oatmeal with cinnamoned banana, blueberries, and walnuts.
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Central Maine
Tonight I had leftovers to make room in the reefer for my Dads Day meal yet to come*. Tonight, a bear burger with beef gravy, noodles, and home canned corn.

*For us buying food out is special and we generally get a Pu Pu for 2. Normally we eat home cooked food. The wife has been hinting about store bought pizza though. It all works for me as long as I don't need to cook it. Pizza might be the better choice since I've been thinking of making moose Lo Mein (with leftovers) (moose tastes something like beef). We also have a thawed butt in the reefer for char sui pork, so I expect we'll be in Chinese food overload and pizza will be a great option.
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The Land of OZ
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Shaving with a DE razor is easier than you think.

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