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Rockwell 6S plates 4, 3, 2
Personna Israel Red

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Wolfman WR2 0.95 SB - Feather 2nd use

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Baxter of California. Might as well finish the week off with this razor. It’s been fun giving it some runtime this week. 

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Санкт Петербург . Россия.
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Kansas City, Missouri
Another day trying out this razor that I can't find much information on.

Weldon Two in One
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Charcoal gen 1 lvl 1 DC w/fresh Astra SP

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Port Saint Lucie
Wolfman WR2 1.55 Timeless ti handle
Astra superior platinum

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Peachtree City, GA
Slant, must state, although not a fan of mix-n-match, that Timeless handle well and truly “fits” the WR2 Wolfman head. James may want to consider a similar design for offer from his shop

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Just an old slow fat man
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