Another rotation with the ATT Kronos H1 with GSB Blades.

scentless shaver
Oakland, ME
A 40's Super-Speed. It's growing on me as I use it more. I received a 40s style Super-Speed on July 26th. It seemed more prone to nick than my others, and early shaves left my face feeling a little irritated. After one shave while visiting family, I decided it wasn't for me and made up my mind to sell it.  This past weekend, I decided to give it another chance. I needed to treat it like the NEW and the Old Type, that is, ride the cap and be attentive during the shave. The first two shaves in this manner, yesterday's and today's, were much better and I am liking this (probably) 1949 Super-Speed. I think I made a mistake in treating it earlier like my '64 Super-Speed and Slim, and even the Techs, thinking I could just coast through the shave. No, it needed more care. Maybe not as much as the NEW short comb, but this old SS can bite if treated too loosely, especially around my chin and upper lip.  Now I am liking it more, and it has moved back in with the rest!

[Image: YNXlNdk.jpg]
Sorry for the blurry, maybe not enough coffee? or too much?!
- Eric. What, am I done shaving already? Nuts, now I gotta wait again...

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