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does anyone else wash their face before shaving? has anyone noticed if this step provided a better shave than simply splashing some water on your face before applying your lather?
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I always wash my face before shaving. For me this provides the dual benefit of preventing skin issues and further lifting the hairs prior to the shave. Nowadays I consider a pre-shave face wash a necessary step in my shaving ritual.

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San Francisco
I always do, as I shave after my shower and my shower involves washing my face. I've read that washing the face before the shave removes some of the oil on the whiskers which otherwise prevent water from penetrating and softening them. I believe the lather does this as well, but I still like a nice, gentle face wash (especially since I'm also getting my forehead, nose, and other non-shaved parts).

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I have always, except on the rarest of occasions, shaved right after a very hot shower. When I get to the sink to actually shave, after loading soap, I then splash more warm water on my face and build lather so I guess I do kinda do both.
I always wash my face before shaving.

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I guess I do since I shave after showering and I wash my face in the shower. But it's not something I think about as part of preparing to shave.
I always wash my face first. As stated above it helps lift the whiskers as well as remove oils allowing the water and soap to soften them. I will say that I never shave after a shower, always before. For some reason, no matter what I do, I get rough shaves right after a shower.

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I do if I am not shaving after a shower. Actually makes a huge difference vs just splashing water. And something I tried this morning was to wash my face using some excess proto lather that my brush did not soak up, before face lathering. Worked brilliantly.

I rarely ever wash my face, so no. I know it sounds weird but if I do, I usually get breakouts and skin issues. Don't know why. Most of the time I always shave after I shower though.
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Yes. I use Lucky Tiger.

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