I'm looking to trade some of these for out of production stuff.
Particularly interested in La Toja Manatielas.
I will ship to you from Singapore(Asia) while you will ship to my US forwarding address

William Tonsorial shave soap (whole roll)
Colgate Barber shave soap (whole roll)
Irish Moos shave stick
Williams shave stick

C&E Sandalwood refill
Old Spice refill puck
C&E Nomad shave soap with bowl
Floris JF shave soap with bowl
Floris 89 shave soap with bowl
Penhaligon English fern refill
C&E almond refill

L&L grooming puzzle
Tims soap ghost face nilla
Tims soap Greek peach

[Image: ANK8zX9.jpg]
[Image: C0kNbwI.jpg][Image: 0WTfny1.jpg]
I sent you a pm

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