Downsizing and have a few things for sale. Prices are viz paypal g&s.

First is an older Filarmonica JMP DT, size is aprox 82x24mm. I believe it was NOS when I received it but has some pitting that has never been an issue when using or honing. Comes with box. Price is $275 shipped in the US, intl I will cover the first $20 of shipping.

Next is a package deal that includes a Dorko 43 and a CVH 924fl.
The Dorko measures aprox 75x19mm. Has some pitting as well. No box.

CVH 924fl, measures aprox 59x13. Small nimble razor, pretty cool imo. Believe this was received NOS as well.

Price for the package deal is $100 shipped in the US, intl ill cover the first $20.

Soap and splash lot:
B&M Rhapsody soap, splash and edt used x1
B&M Cool soap and splash used x2
M&M BDLM soap, I forget which version used x5
MSC Light Blue soap and splash used x3
Mammoth Sonder soap and lotion used x5
Zingari The Gent soap, splash and lotion used x3
B&m Red Letter Day soap, splash and lotion new
B&M Nordost soap(not pictured) splash and lotion used x3
GD Rejuvenation Serums, used x1 if that
GD Edel splash used x1

Price for the soap lot is $135 shipped in the US, dont think I can ship intl due to the alcohol.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: FnZndX2.jpg][Image: T43OlWE.jpg][Image: KZp0FY8.jpg][Image: 52FAiir.jpg][Image: nHObyHj.jpg][Image: 5PM02ZH.jpg][Image: fjNA3jd.jpg][Image: dvsJYbA.jpg][Image: 2uSQkr6.jpg][Image: 5kCUJ3I.jpg][Image: RauyMHp.jpg]

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[Image: VUlWtYV.jpg][Image: CRot1hn.jpg][Image: CUKaiA1.jpg][Image: ez7aQG2.jpg][Image: DAU1sXn.jpg][Image: HthEy17.jpg][Image: i8LbSKR.jpg]

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Soap lot sold, thank you!
Price drop $200 for the fili and $75 for the cvh and dorko bundle
Fili sold, thank you!

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