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This is the most beautiful brush in my collection ..
With 80+ in rotation - in a mint / like new condition.
Declaration Grooming B7 27 mm with Wolf Whiskers Handle.
The excellent performer.

$295 , $235   PayPaled and shipped in Continental US 
[Image: 83GrTqz.jpg]
[Image: yPcGxGf.jpg]
[Image: 4Gr0uI5.jpg]

[Image: NusOfFO.jpg]
[Image: E6v6zqV.jpg]

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Beautiful brush, Alex - GLWS!!
Price reduced to $275
End of the week bump and the price drop to $255
Someday will you post your collection of 80(!!) brushes??
I think I have close to 100 brushes lol

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Emperor of Shaving
Beautiful brush. Great color combination in that handle.
"veni, vidi, vici"


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Alex is a great member! What a beauty. GLWTS

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Final price drop
Shipped in Continental US and PayPaled

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