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So yea...that's happening...

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Great news - would love to see these on par with the old ones but those are big shoes to fill!

I guess it all comes down to the steel they are using and who is making the razors. There are some incredible artist out there making razors so there is talent.

If they make The Celebrated 8/8 razor at a reasonable cost - I would be in heaven.

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Interesting. I hope their modern products do justice to the historic brand name.

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Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes...
Hoping for the best, fearing the worst with this.

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
I've subscribed for the updates and newsletters already so I will try to keep everyone posted with any information I get...

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There was a thread on another website about this, and from what I recall this is being done by the guy who does the Zulu Grey hones out of South Africa.  He posted some information that I've copied here:

Quote:Hi Guys,

I came across this thread and thought I should join in and just mention a few things.

Firstly, this is my venture.

Secondly, I really thought I was giving myself some time with that coming soon page - but I think it rather pertinent now to just (hopefully) ease some of the concerns and give you guys some info for the time being. What I wanted to do and what I still will do (closer to launch), is put up a proper announcement thread where I can convey the whole story and the vision I have for Wade & Butcher, with an outline of where I want to go and what I want to do - so perhaps stick around for that closer to launch..

For now though, let me get down all the important points, so as to be upfront/transparent/clear: I'm Mike My claims to fame such as they are: Owner/Operator of Zulu Grey; Designer by profession (I run my own design agency); Wet Shaver and dedicated straight razor nut (like you) for the last 10 odd years; oh and I designed the SRP Logo Some Background:

I have a deep love for the Wade & Butcher brand, and I wanted to pair my love for the brand with my passion to create custom razors and start my own company – and so I set about investigating the possibilities of ‘reviving’ the Wade & Butcher brand. This led me to discover that indeed the actual company, well both companies (the parent W & S Butcher Ltd, and the primary US brand Wade&Butcher, which was incorporated into it's own Sheffield company in 1921) were in fact still ‘alive’ albeit dormant.

The current owner, Charles at Durham Duplex in Sheffield (and Chairman of the Made In Sheffield brand), had privately bought out both companies from the family business for his own keeping, to one day 'do something with them', as he told to me. So, I made contact and many discussions later over the last two years we settled on an agreement/partnership whereby I will bring the brand back to market through my own vision and at my own quality standards.

Charles had attempted to investigate the possibility of bringing the brand back to market himself through mass production, but ultimately he agreed that that wasn't the best course for the brand. To be clear, this will be legitimate Wade & Butcher in the year 2017, by that I mean it is from the original company that was sold to Durham Duplex in 1920 and that has been maintained and kept as a viable company in Sheffield for 95 years, and with it all the associated brand marks, names, razor designs etc. Others may be using the name, casually using versions of the symbols, it may even be registered in the US by another company.. but only the actual original Sheffield company, passed from hand to hand as it has done, can bear the name and the marks rightfully, on any newly created shaving cutlery. And so that is what I have secured.

I want to properly and meticulously bring the brand back to market, but it must be done with great care and respect for the heritage of the brand and of course all the provenance must be intact.

So, what do we plan to make then? Well, this will not be mass-manufacture/production, not one bit. Historical W&B did that, it served the time and it made sense then, but as a modern heritage company my sights are set on turning Wade & Butcher into a more boutique, upper-tier brand. It will be custom, handcrafted - dare I say 'luxury' straight razors of truly impeccable quality.

In many ways this is a labour of love for me personally, and it really will not be about volume. We'll be crafting new designed razors, as well as bringing back some classic 'heritage' models (with updated materials and small touches).

It will be myself and potentially 2 other artisans here in South Africa, with a complete emphasis on small-batch, high-quality. Our razors will be truly pristine, my aspiration is to far exceed the quality, the fit, the finish - that historical Wade & Butcher ever achieved, ever could achieve. Handcrafting individual razors with the best tools and materials of our day affords us this ability. There will be nothing cheaply or casually done - from the steel selection, to the packaging it will be done properly.

As I say, I just wanted to mention a little bit and get the conversation straight, but in time I will update our social media accounts and the mailing list with new info and more details on everything. Talk is good, but I do wholeheartedly understand that many of you will believe it when you see it - and my intention is to pleasantly surprise you.

Cheers, - Mike

Overall I'm waiting details with fingers crossed.

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Great news!

New York
At first I was put off by this venture, but I've decided to now keep an open mind on it..

We'll see.

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Thanks BadDad

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someone should invite that fellow from zulu grey to the forum.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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