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I just built one new and reknotted an old brush. Did both in Finest 2 band. I built the first out of moose antler and fitted a 24mm with loft set at 52. The lucite Stagg handle I fit with a 20 mm loft set at 48. Got lucky with both these knots as both have perfect backbone and great flow. Tips are soft. Both brushes have several shaves off them and nary a shed hair. And yes I like lavender soaps.

[Image: FCATQab.jpg]
[Image: L0fLvJE.jpg]

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That looks great. I heard good things about those knots.

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Very impressive! Happy2

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Nice work! I was also curious about the Virginia Sheng knots. There is an artisan on etsy that I was considering getting a brush from who uses them. I couldn't find much in the way of reviews so thanks for your thoughts.

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Very nice work and the brushes look great! Happy2

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Excellent! I have used a couple of VS knots for restores and changeouts, and they are pretty darn good knots, especially considering the cost.

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Good to hear about another positive experience with the VS knots. Nice work.

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I think I can chime in with some more good experiences. I ordered a Finest 3 Band and a Finest 2 Band. The Finest 3 Band, IMHO, is more like a good quality "Best Badger", but performs really well. Good backbone, some scrub, but not unpleasant. But I'm loving the Finest 2 Band. Tips are noticeably softer than those of the 3 Band, even more backbone, and an excellent lathering ability.

I'll be soon ordering more 2 Band and Silvertip for future brushes I plan on assembling.

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