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Does anyone have experience with these blades?  Some have said they’re rebranded souplex (G&F) or Merkur.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Kamisori sells them on their site.  Has anyone used them?  What’s been your experience?

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I found them to be pretty average for the hype they get. There are better blades out there...ex Permasharp, kai etc

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Very good blades, similar to German-made Wilkinsons or Croma Diamants.

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They are pretty good. Not my favorite, especially for the cost. They are ice tempered and supposed to last longer. It's one of the more expensive options. I'm sure I have some. Shoot me a PM with an address if you are US based. I'll mail out some to you.

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I’ve tried one of the Solingen Timor blades so far, and to be honest, it was pretty bad. I’ve had little luck with German-made blades. I do like the Wilkinsons, though. Bolzanos are OK, too.

I won’t make a final judgement regarding the Timors until I’ve used another one in a different razor, though. Very nice of LOOT to offer some for testing, good luck Jgreenepa and let us know how things go!
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