We have several other hobby threads, and someone has asked about watches, so for those of us that are in the watch hobby, let's have a watch thread! Let's see what you have.

I currently have 3, with 2 on the way.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 111

[Image: IMG_20151114_125957594_zps4qv4gusr.jpg]

(Stock photo of movement)
[Image: DSC03107.jpg]

Panerai PAM590

[Image: IMG_20150103_130237973_zpsoheytubb.jpg]

(Stock photo of movement)
[Image: Panerai_PAM00510-caseback_560.jpg]

Steinhart Military 42 Black

[Image: IMG_20151206_014813857_zps1vhrbw5d.jpg]

(Stock photo of movement)
[Image: steinhart-military-42-black_6_.jpg]

On the way, I have a Steinhart Nav B-Uhr ST1

[Image: 135992284Nav.B-47_prem_01.jpg]

And 4 months out, an RGM Corps of Engineers.

[Image: WEB_RGM_COE_03.jpg?format=500w]

[Image: WEB_RGM_COE_09.jpg?format=500w]

Needless to say, I have a penchant for hand wound movements.

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Most days I sport my 1950's 17J Bulova watch. It still runs well.

[Image: 2ic1538.jpg]
[Image: fxv3x1.jpg]

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I'm finding watches intriguing this holiday season. I've gotten two and have a Tissot automatic on the way. This guy has gotten me several "what kind of watch is that" at the office since I procured it last week. The more I research and learn the more I like Bulova and the history of that company. [Image: knbZBx3.jpg]

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Wow, thats a really nice watch. Excellent choice.

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Here are 2 of my favorite time pieces, that I use every day!

[Image: elm.jpg]

[Image: bigben.jpg]

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Those vintage pocket watches are cool just thinking about where they have been. I have two, one was my Great Grandfather and one my Grandfathers, I don't use them often but they are displayed proudly and I treasure them. I think it's awesome that you use pieces like this daily!!

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I, too, have a special pocket watch that I display. It was my father's bar mitzvah gift and is 90+ years old.

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North Carolina
The Elm City is from the early 1930's and the Westclox Pocket Ben is from 1952! I really like the old pocket watches, simple but sturdy!

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Gentlemen - very nice watches. I will have to post some photos. I would love to see a sepetate thread for watches.

I have a Tissot with a quartz movement and wear it diving. My other is a manual wind Bulgarian made - not fancy but works.

I have really come to appreciate mechanical watches including old pocket watches. I have several that I like to carry. I recently had my grandfathers watch fixed. He was going to throw out when I was a kid and asked if I could have it even though it was broken. Now it works like new.

Keep posting pics!

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I have 2 watches. One that I've had since '73,
[Image: DSC03624.jpg]

An Omega Speedmaster "Moon watch".

[Image: DSC03626.jpg]

And a Seiko that I was given when I retired.

I don't wear either one today. I don't much care what time it is (I'm retired and it's just "time to do" whatever.) and when I do need the time it's on my cellphone or on the clock on the dashboard.

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Brian. Lover of SE razors.

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