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Clever. But then I wouldn't need all the brushes I have and don't need.

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Yeah, I have zero need or want for that.

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Cool design innovation

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An answer to a question no one asked?  It's interesting but knowing me, once a knot I like is in place, I'd never change it.

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Matt and the guys are on to something. My perspective is this a brilliant idea as a 'permanent' knot securing device.

It may have more commercial value licensing than producing.

Would absolutely feel better knowing a Varlet, DG, BE&c could have its knot easily replaced by me in the future by contacting the artisan to request a replacement should it shed or other normal wear and tear issues arise.

Have never felt good about fixing knots to handles with epoxy - it a serviceable item that should be addressed by an engineering solution facilitating quick and easy exchange.

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The idea per se is not bad, but one thing is not addressed: loft...
You have to set the knot at the loft the device is made for. Also different makes of knots may need different depth to seat them properly.
Just my $0.02

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I can see where this brush idea would be great to try different knot or sizes. 
 People can make up a brush and be happy with it also I suppose.
  Now let's see who can engineer a handle to adjust the loft like rudyvey points out.

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Disruption. I like it.
Freedom from brush makers' dramas. I love it.

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I dunno. It doesn't seem like a bad idea. You could test drive knots to be permanently installed in another handle.

I disapprove of the use of "adjustable" in the name. It's no more adjustable than a Rockwell 6S. If you could turn something to, say, change the loft of a given knot, then yes.

Is it any colour you want as long as it's blue?

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