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The Timeless is an exceptionally fine razor, a razor that not only lovely to look at, but it also gives a superb shave. Since I have the Paradigm and am expecting the BBS-1 in the coming weeks, or at least by 2020, I need pass on the Timeless. This is the 0.68 scalloped, with the scalloped base plate, and the standard Timeless handle, which I prefer to the others in the lineup. I've had the razor since February, but probably have used it no more than a dozen times. I apologize for my inept photography — the dark areas are just shadows. The razor is in superb condition — there are a few microscopic scratches on the underside of the base plate due to natural wear. New, the price for the razor and stand was $258.65. Your price is $215 shipped U.S. Paypal is fine; no trades, please. Thanks.

[Image: bvykxKt.jpg]
[Image: b6YclYw.jpg]
[Image: cWoWLk1.jpg]
[Image: ysyekWh.jpg]

If you ever decide to relish please let me know.
I'm based in the uk.


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