Varlet everset is open for orders now

Showed as SOLD OUT shortly after email announcement

(06-19-2019, 07:32 PM)AKBKR23 Wrote: Showed as SOLD OUT shortly after email announcement

And I still don't have this announcement email.
Just lucky to browsing the site at that time.
It was open for orders for around 10min.
Much more then last drop when all was gone for less then 1-2 min.

Living on the edge
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I snagged one with plenty of time to spare ....but sat there and watched them all disappear.
(Silly move on my part possibly, but I'm not in a rush)

Guess I still want to understand why these have the same hair grade, the same size knot and the same
handle material with the same level of polish as The Varlet, and yet they are priced 45 bucks lower.
The owner says: "With regards to quality, Everset - USA is right on par with The Varlet."

Don't get me wrong...Im not complaining that they're cheaper...just wanted to be clear about what compromises,
if any, go into an Everset. Maybe he has streamlined and fast tracked some processes that make it less labor-
intensive to produce the Everset handle? Surely the difference between a beaded and a grooved handle cant be 45 bucks

Not quite sure what the story is, and I doubt he'll reply if I email him to ask. Any insights?

Living on the edge
Well I found something from the guy himself:

"I wanted to have a line of brushes with a different focus. The focus is not to compromise on quality or design but incorporating both efficiency and quality while offering new and attractive designs.

The design element that ties the brand together is the ultra thin groove. This groove replaces the bead in most classic handle designs, giving the handles a modern look while being easy to repeatably machine.

Production for the Everset brushes will be much higher than The Varlet.
Polishing grade on Everset brushes is exceptional, but The Varlet brushes will still feature a higher grade polish and details. The same attention to construction will be applied to both brands in regards to lack of glue bumps, knot quality, excessive adhesive, etc. Everset brushes will be priced more competitively than similar offerings from The Varlet."

Wish I had read this a while ago....oh well.

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I never have the chance to try one of those brushes. I’m curious of those alpine knots. Maybe someday I’ll manage to get and real Varlet to compare them.

Living on the edge
To clarify, when I say 'snagged it', I mean I put it in my cart but deliberately didn't pull the trigger
as all those questions were flying around in my head.
After reading more about Everset K2, next time (if there is one) I probably will get it, as long as the hair is still alpine grade.

I just hope it isn't floppy...Im starting to dig a slightly firmer backbone.
Damnit, I never got the e mail!
(06-20-2019, 04:11 PM)Gravity Wrote: Damnit, I never got the e mail!

Same. My inbox is conspicuously vacant.
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I tried 12 minutes after my email time/date. All sold.

I was lucky and able to purchase at the April release so more curious than planning to buy another brush.

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