Two questions:
1.  Is this an Gem Damaskeene?  It is my understanding that this razor is one of the first models that GEM produced.
2.  I paid $12, it came with the purple lined case with blade case.  Did I overpay?

I will be sending this razor off to Razor Emporium tomorrow for a full restoration in rhodium.  This is my first GEM style razor.

[Image: bUnOm5y.jpg]
[Image: kat7Ngw.jpg]
[Image: gixHM3y.jpg]
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The price seems fair, especially if the razor is in working condition and the case is decent.  It is, indeed, a Damaskeene.  I could be wrong (and I hope someone will correct me if I am) but my understanding is that it is a 1912 GEM SE that had the Damaskeene blade "advertisement" embossed on the inside of the cap, as can be seen in your picture.  To my knowledge, not all 1912s have that.  Mine does.
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Can't wait to hear the reviews on the sabre.
Yup, a Damaskeene and a good price. I suspect it might be one of the early models but without looking under the base, I can't say for certain. Nice find!
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$12 for a damaskeene with a case is a very good price. you can usually find them for $15-20 without cases in decent shape.
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